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where can I purchase bare essentials as seen on tv?

The Ad said to go to but it doesn’t seem to be what I am looking to buy. Has anyone else
seen the ads on tv?

Don’t. They are expensive and still use chemicals in some of their products. Plus not all minerals are good for you. Their foundation has Bismuth oxychloride which is great for causing skin reactions and breakouts. Plus I heard many people that have used BE say that it’s very shiny. BE is a fake commerical brand that overcharges. And their shade selection isn’t great either.

I’ve been using minerals for the past 5 years. My fave brands are Cory ( I buy eyeshadow samples from them that cost 35 cents and they last forever!) Pureluxe ( and Everyday Minerals ( So far I’ve been using Pureluxe for my foundation (though I ordered some samples of EDM so I’ll see). They have good ingredients, a good shade selection (so far, after years of searching, it’s the only foundation that matches my skintone) and plus they are only $30 for a 30 gram jar. EDM is supposedly better and is only $12 for a 30 gram jar. The cheapest I could find BE was $18 for 0.3 oz! You would have to buy 3 jars of BE to make up the amount you get for one jar of the others. Plus their stuff is commercial CRAP. Any ‘brand name’ mineral companies are bull.

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