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Have you ever felt like you just aren’t enough? Like you don’t really have what it takes?

For much of my life I struggled with feeling like I didn’t have enough-enough money, enough smarts, enough love, enough worth. And if I didn’t have it…well, why bother to look for what wasn’t there?

It might have been something as small as another bag of raisins when I was making cookies, or something as important as having what it takes to achieve my goals. I automatically assumed that I was lacking the very thing I needed-and so I didn’t look to find.

And then a few years ago I realized that very often I DO have the very thing I need-right here under my nose. The problem was, I looked without really believing anything was there, never really expecting to find anything good.

And so of course I didn’t.

It still happens at times, though I’m looking and finding more these days. But sometimes I still don’t trust, so I don’t look to find the good stuff, and live as if it’s not there.

Bereft and lamenting–surrounded by riches.

You may do that too. It’s the way of humans to assume we don’t have what we need. Adam and Eve took the apple because they thought God hadn’t given them all they needed to live fully and richly. When the disciples found the empty tomb, they focused on the missing body, instead of looking for the risen Lord.

I actually DO have all I need-and so do you. We have all we need to be what God wants us to be-He provides. We have all we need to do what God wants us to do-He supplies. It’s there, but because we don’t trust Him, we don’t “look to find”.

You have all you need to be what God wants you to be. Whether it’s your everyday needs like raisins, or the big stuff like the ability to achieve goals, or the love you need to fill your heart…if it’s what He wants you to do, He’ll supply. If it’s what He wants you to be, He’ll provide.

And He wants all the really good stuff for you. It’s hard to trust, to take the risk and look until you find, ’till you know how much He loves you.

Christian meditation allows Him to fill you with His love, and open your heart to receive His riches. Slowly you begin to trust His goodness. The eyes of your heart are opened.

And then you can look to find.

We have joyful lives to live, lives of dancing our gifts, loving and sharing. If you look to find the gifts He has for you, you will be amazed at what you discover. Look-today. Look now. Look in your very life.

And look to find.

He provides. We trust Him. And then we look, and find. ..and live richly in the blessings of the gifts He’s given.

Dr. Deborah Kukal is a licensed psychologist who has been teaching health based meditation in a hospital setting for more than 10 years. She has engaged patients from virtually every walk of life in the successful and rewarding practice of health focused meditation.

Dr. Kukal’s Christian meditation CDs nourish your physical health and enrich your emotional life, as well as deepening your intimacy with the Lord.

Try a FREE guided Christian meditation by Dr. Kukal at her website, Learn to meditate and experience the healing joy of Christian meditation.

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