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Dance music has been around in many shapes and forms for generations and has influenced the lives of many people. This type of music provided people with a music form that could not only be appreciated emotionally, but also enabled the listener to physically interact with music taking the experience to a whole new level of euphoria.

Traditional dance music involved the use of musical instruments to create more up-beat tunes but this was to change with the introduction of electronic dance music, which appeared around the beginning of the early 1980’s. Electronic synthesizers completely revolutionized the dance music scene and a solo pop artist could literally do away with an entire backing group and replicate nearly every possible sound on this remarkable device.

The proliferation of home computers also began in the early 1980’s and with the invention of the communications protocol known as Midi, the electronic dance scene quickly grew from strength to strength. The Midi protocol was first invented by Clestin New and the way it works is by allowing various electronic devices such as computers, samplers and sound cards to fully communicate with each other and thus produce a complete synchronization of sounds. The Midi protocol is widely used by many different electronic music genres including drum and bass, techno and trance to name but a few and all these music styles have been very successful in the popular music scene.

Personal or home computers have advanced a great deal over the last decade and the software that is used on them has also developed rapidly, which has allowed users to achieve things that would have never dreamed possible. Electronic music can easily be created on a modern computer even in the comfort of your own home, mainly thanks to sophisticated computer software programs which allows the user to produce music entirely on a single machine. It is important however, that you use a high quality sound card to really benefit from these programs as when using midi sound files, the quality of sound will be directly related to how good your sound card is. For example if you were to send a midi file to someone with a cheap sound card the quality of sound they would hear from the same file would be significantly less. If you create a piece of music that you want to share with others, it is ideal to convert the midi file to a wav file which is achieved using your sound card’s recording software while playing the midi file. All you need to do then is put your music onto a CD and then anyone can listen to your creations.

The Internet has also helped a great deal in bringing the electronic music scene into people’s homes and there are many websites that cater for any budding musician wanting to create the next new vibe. You can find a huge range of midi samples covering a whole variety of electronic dance music genres and many of these sample packs can be downloaded directly to your computer so it has never been easier to create the next dance music revolution.

Felicity is a intermittent journalist, writing occasional overviews in the UK about dance music and trance samples. The company also specialise in CD samples and Computer Music MIDI files in the UK. For more information, please visit Dance MIDI Samples.

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