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Graduation is a momentous ceremony for every student, and the right graduation songs can make the event even more memorable. How do you choose what songs to play during and after the ceremony? Here are some ideas.

Tap local talent. Ask students who can sing and play instruments to perform songs for everyone. This makes the graduation unique and personal to the group.

Vote it off. CanÂ’t decide what to put in the show? Then let everyone have their say. To make things easier, let the student council nominate graduation songs and then narrow them down. The student body can then vote from the short list.

Personalize. If you plan to give someone a graduation gift but donÂ’t know what to get, then try a personalized graduation song. Many composers sell songs made from scratch. They include details you provide into the lyrics, and then put together a melody to your liking. The song is usually recorded by professional singers, so quality is guaranteed. Most personalized graduation song singers and composers are versatile, and can give you any kind of song, whether you need something funny, formal, or quirky.

Remember that personalized graduation songs can be quite expensive because they are completely unique. Most sell for anywhere from $90 to about $200, but the price usually includes a nice casing plus some personalized cards and covers.

There are also specific graduation songs for more particular requirements, such as Christian graduation songs. These songs are performed by famous Christian music artists such as Michael Smith, Nikki Leonti, and Carolyn Arends, among others. Most of these songs are available either on a CD if you want the whole album or online, which is great of you only need one single.

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He who began a good work in you – Steve Green (With Lyrics) Philippians 1:6

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