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When it comes to guitar instruction, your course structure is going to be based primarily on your development of an intuitive comprehension of tabs, along with a natural comprehension of the soul and the meaning behind the music you are playing.

Christian music has powerful lyrics accompanied by mellow guitar music. This is what makes Gospel guitar music one of the most joyful types of guitar music to play. Many of the melodies in Christian music are simple and easy to play, once you learn the tablature. You will find that there are many songs that use only 3 or 4 notes! This means that you will be able to play very soon after you start your lessons. This is quite gratifying and motivating. You may even be want to start writing your own simple songs as well. In addition, you can start to work with harmonies, and longer sentences, a few months into your study.

The actual practice of learning Gospel guitar is a spiritual journey in and of itself for many students. Many teachers refer to the learning process as one of musical discovery through a series of stepping stones. How similar is this to your journey towards the Lord?

There are some things you should definitely keep in mind throughout your study of Gospel guitar. Always remember, theory is important, but practice is the key to being truly great. In order to make the most of your courses, practice is essential. You will find that your fellow Christian musicians will enjoy having practices with you, and will be very positive and encouraging when it comes to your growth. Learning about music, and sharing in knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life. Many of your fellow accomplished Christian musicians will already know this from experience, and will be excited for your journey. It is really pleasant to play Gospel guitar, and most people are quite happy that they chose to do so.

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