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Some churches believe in baptising people when they are born, whereas others don’t practise this. If this is the case, they will rather dedicate a baby to the Lord without an official baptism event.

The believe is that as this baby develops to a full grown adult, they will come to a point where they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and will them come to the decision of being baptized. Normally this will be their whole body being submerged and represents a new beginning and born again status as a child of God. As opposed to other denominations, this is much less formal, but does however reflect a solemn pledge of the person to God.

Adult baptism gifts are not as widespread as gifts for babies, but you can still come up with some great ideas on gifts that will matter. Keepsake gifts such as photoframes clothes, etc are more fitting for events with baby baptisms. An adult’s decision to be baptised is deeply spiritual, so the gift must for all intend and purposes also reflect that.

If your friend enjoys music, there are a number of Christian music outlets to consult for a range of great CD’s or perhaps an iTunes gift certificate. Perhaps you can even consider a religious artefact such as a prayer shawl, praise and worship flagse, or even a poster with a relevant images and scripture. However, almost always, books are great for this event, and you have plenty to choose from!    Here we have a look at a few:

It is highly unlikely that an adult that have recently been baptized doesn’t already have a bible. No need to think along those lines therefore, unless you intend on giving perhaps an intense study bible, or unique version with original Greek or Hebrew text.

Some Christian books that have bee very popular of the last few years include

Your Best life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your full potential by Joel Osteen. Pastor Osteen is the well respected leader of the Lakewood Church in Texas and is the author of many inspiring books that guide Christians in their ‘walk with God’. This book is immensely popular and sure to be a great gift for a newly baptised adult.

Rediscovering the Kingdom by Dr Myles Munroe. Dr Munroe is based in the Bahamas and has great insights into the Kingdom of God. Many believers find this book to be crucial starting point for spectacular growth in God. It’s a great and easy read and sure to challenge you on many levels.

Off course there are a number of books that you can choose from which will be great gift ideas. The key is to really know the person and their history. Buy something that is therefore fitting to their personal experiences and you’ll be certain to impress.Â

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