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If you’re looking for Christian gifts for loved ones, it is not as easy as it sounds, especially in a society which most are caught up with the past paced lifestyle and are non Christians. Whether the occasion is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or even just a housewarming, your gifts must state a message.

Fortunately, you are not always constrained with the conventional Bible or wall plaques or crucifixes now. The Christian products industry is now clever, and more and more products that say “Christian”, but not necessarily “Church”!

Here are a few Christian gift suggestions that are accessible in the market if you’re looking for Christian gifts to give to your loved ones!

Statement Shirts!

It is always fun when people stop to read your shirt. And it is good news that the Christian products industry had penetrated this. From graphic shirts to short phrases, like “I am Driven” or the famous, “I Pray” logo, this shirts are always fun! T-shirts are always a great gift to people who likes things that are always useful.


Classical Christian jewelry is always here to stay! From the contemporary silver jeweled cross to necklaces, Christian jewelry industry had evolved to other branches, like cufflinks, earrings, charm bracelets, even anklets! Christian jewelry are not always silver or gold, there are jewelries made of other materials, like gemstones, wood, even leather.

Accessories and Other Useful Items

Wallets, belt buckle even key chains! Everyday objects are now also being produced by the Christian products industry. Try giving them those water coolers with scriptures embedded on them! I can also suggest for a guy those ties that have savvy cross or fish prints or beautiful words such ah “hope” or “amazing grace”!

Christian Books

Most Christian books today are now talking in the language of a common man – the type that does not always state Bible scriptures and other too churchy stuff. However, they are equally inspiring and uplifting as the conventional ones! Try authors like Rick Warren or Bo Sanchez. Their books are always insightful and comprehensive. They also touch the heart very easily!


Clearly, the Christian music is evolving. More and more Christian artists now are exploring other musical genres, live pop, rock, jazz, country, even heavy metal! I personally listen to Jars of Clay and Newsboy!

Christian Inspirational Movies

The “Passion of the Christ” is outstanding but have you’ve heard of “Facing the Giants”? There are independent movies that are powered by God’s breath. These are also awesome movies, and although low-budget, bring great picture, music, and more importantly, story and message!

Although there are lots of Christian gifts in the market, you should always keep in mind the original intent. You are spreading awareness, and more importantly, spreading faith onto the people around you!

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