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Christian bands have been responsible for the spreading of Gospel in many dark areas of the world. Parachute Band is one such troop which has continually striven to spread His word through their unique but modern music strands. The band has humble moorings, but over the ears, it has outgrown most Christian bands and is now one of the best-known worship music troops of our times.

The band emerged out of an emergency like situation where they needed a group, which could play Christian music and lead worship service at the Annual Parachute Festival of New Zealand. The band had five founder members. The band’s music was mugged up by the masses with glee. This encouraged the band to stick together and continue their operations further. These five musicians remained together till the year 2006 and handed over the reins to a motley group of five younger musicians.

The parachute music is invariably guitar based. The present day Parachute Band is famed for their ability to create a mystical atmosphere to our praise and worship sessions. The lyrics are equally riveting, as the band stand firm on biblical ideas and scriptures. Parachute band stands like an oasis in a parched land with their lyrics and music.

The society and music lovers have put the band in a pedestal by showering it with awards and recognitions. The group is a five-time winner of New Zealand Golden Albums and three-time winner of New Zealand Music Awards. But do not think that the fame of the band is limited to the islands of New Zealand. It is increasingly in need at innumerous praise and worship sessions all over the world. This has made them travel extensively though all the inhabited continents of the world.

Parachute band has helped the relevance of Christian music stay afloat with their punchy lines and captivating music. Many Christian bands have failed to amalgamate the content of their songs with the music styles. But it has stayed on the right course and produces songs full of Christian meaning and contents only.

The band is now just fifteen years old, but its fame has far exceeded beyond the shores of New Zealand, its birthplace. The band’s history can be divided into two phases. The first phase involves the period when its original musicians ran the band, which spans from 2005 to 2006. The current phase has seen the band being run by a crew of young and vigorous musicians. It reached the pinnacle of glory during the last few years with the release of two musical albums and extensive touring all round the world.

The band has churned out eleven albums and many of their songs were charted at the top end of mainstream gospel music graphs. One of its songs, ‘All The Earth’, reached the number one stand of US Billboard music chart. It has been nominated for the best gospel album award of 2008 too. The past and present of the band has been impeccable, and the future promises to be even better, not only for the band, but for music lovers and pious Christians too.

Parachute Band – A Legendary Band of our Times.

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