Christian Worship Songs

Learning worship songs for guitar can be a great way to learn how to play guitar or even to enhance your guitar skills. If you’re a beginner, learning Christian guitar music can afford you the basic skills of guitar playing by using basic chords and chord patterns as well as simple strum patterns. If you’re already an intermediate guitar player, playing worship guitar can help you with riffs and more advanced strumming patterns, as well as learning some more obscure chords. For example, Brenton Brown’s song Everlasting God has a simple, but cool, little riff, and he uses so unique chord voicings as well.

Also, if you decide to learn worship songs for guitar, whether you are doing so to learn to play or just get better, David Crowder’s song Oh, Praise Him has a cool little riff that I found challenging to play and sing along to at first. In fact, Brenton’s Everlasting God song has a unique chord progressing too. It’s got a lot of pushes that take a minute to get used to, which works better if you play mostly down-strokes (for the pre-chorus especially).

Now, learning worship songs for guitar may be a little too advanced for you. Maybe you are an ultra beginner; maybe you’ve tried to pick guitar up a few times but haven’t been able to make it happen. If that’s the case, I would recommend finding a good online worship songs for guitar lesson program. Or, if you can afford it, I would say get private lessons.

Well, godspeed if you decide to learn worship songs for guitar. It’s a great way to learn and exalt God’s name in the process.

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