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We all plan our holidays, a month ahead, sometimes a year ahead, we get our flights, reserve hotels, buy some beach wear and when everything goes well – and we reach our destination – only than many of us began to ponder how to make the best of our presence there? We want to taste every bit of adventure, almost all excitement out there, but the simplest question that haunts us is how to begin with? As there are a million other attractions and “things to do” that shouldn’t be missed, especially when you are in Johannesburg. The most amusing city of the travel capital of the world “South Africa”. Warm Beaches, thrilling wild life, historic wild heritage sites, children parks, what isn’t there that tourists can think of, from shopping to nightlife and city charm to wildlife, Johannesburg has it all.

To begin with, let’s first find out the a few important things just before you pack your bags:

Best time to Travel: Although, the electrifying events, happenings and amazingly warm weather keeps Johannesburg a place worth visit almost through out the year. However, the European crowd rushed to this city during the colder months and at large in school holidays. Least busy months are February, October, End of September, Early May, or simply, months without holidays.

Getting Cheap Flights to Johannesburg: It sounds easy when you type it in your Google search bar but when it comes to choosing the right agency, many people end up buying cheap flights with expensive headaches. Some even end up paying some three hundred bucks for a connecting flight with such a long stop over in some unknown country and pay another two hundred on buying themselves dinner and breakfast. So folks, what seems cheap, may cost you much. To solve this, always go for 5 star alliances or well reputed airlines.

Choosing the best Airline: The five star alliance airlines include big names like Qatar Airways that sells tickets as low as 365 GBP inclusive on early bird offers (early reservations) through various travel agencies despite being the world’s first five star carrier. Other reliable yet cheap flight names include Etihad Airways, Emirates and KLM.

Accommodations and stay: As soon as you set foot in Johannesburg there are uncountable hotels and all kinds of prices that you may book your stay. However, the best is not to leave it on last minute and book well ahead of time as the city is so busy that places fill very quickly.

Planning you Tour As soon as you are there and you look around, you will find your self almost every thing that you or your family expects from a holiday. The preferable way to plan your stay is to start form going to a beach and do some water sports. The beach expedition will surely thrill you so consider going for some expensive shooing where on the same day you may also pay a visit to a couple of museums or art galleries. To revive the excitement, you should follow your day trip by a wild safari and this will give you the truest feeling of being in South Africa. After meeting and greeting nature and serenity, a night at an exciting concert or event can chill your bones and fill you with happiness you long for. There are numerous concerts, festivals, matches and big sports events like the coming FIFA world cup 2010. You must check the South Africa events calendar first to increase your chances of dropping into a concert or festival during your visit.

One last thing, from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls, Harare or Kruger National Park (the hub of wildlife safari), there are daily direct flights offered by Air Zimbabwe, South African Airways and British Airways. So make the most of it!

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