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Has anyone else noticed that country music stations are playing more Gath Brooks recently?

Is there a reason for it? I listen to 2 country stations in my area, (SW Missouri), and I listen to a country station online that’s from St.Louis, and all three stations are playing Garth Brooks more often. Is this happening in your area? If it is, why do you think it is happening?
OK, someone mentioned the CD, I have it, it’s a set, 2 CD’s, and a DVD with his classic songs, and his new song “More Than a Memory”, but I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal since it was mostly his classic songs.
To bikerforlife, he’s one of my favorites, yes, I know how popular he was in the 90’s, he sold 120 million CD’s, set records at stadiums across the country for fastest time a concert sold out. He might also hold the record for largest concert in the US (the famous 96′ Central Park concert)

Well Garth is making a huge comeback from being retired for the last few years and for the answerer in Iowa he is playing 15 concerts right there in Iowa and he is hitting the big screen as well. They are playing the concert on the big screen in all major theatres. If you are new to country you wouldn’t understand this but Garth was freaking HUGE in the country scene just a few years ago and he divorced his wife and got married to Trisha Yearwood recently also another big singer for you newbies out there. These singers have their own lives now and probably quit singing raking it in from what they have made over the last several years. For Garth Brooks its almost like he is coming back from the dead.. but yes they are overplaying him. They always do whenever someone comes out with something new. They don’t always play the classics from singers but they only play the new stuff the songs they just recently came out with. or whatever is on their playlists in the radio stations

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