Country Music Singer

How do I become a Country music singer?

I can think of lots of songs, but never write them done. I am going to start. I think I sing well, and others have complimentetd me on my singing. I don’t have any idea of where to start, and am I too old to start? I’m 28.

You’re not too old at all.

The main thing is to just keep trying.

If you like to come up with original songs, you need to write them down. If you don’t know how to write music, I would suggest either taking classes in music theory, or studying it in your local library or on the internet. It’s important to keep a record of creating your music, because if you want to record it, you’ll need records for copyright purposes.

If you’ve never taken voice lessons, then I would start there. You may have a great natural voice, but even the best voice can benefit from a little professional advice. Your local college or university may have community classes available, or they can give you a list of private instructors.

After you’ve worked on technique, then you just need to get out there and sing.

In the country music genre, depending on your area, there is a network of smaller performance venues, called oprys where amateurs can see and be seen. It’s a good place to start getting experience in front of an audience.

Otherwise, I’d start with local festivals, bars, private parties, and other venues where you’ll be seen by a lot of people, who will tell their friends about you, and help you gain popularity through word of mouth.

If you’re not ready for the big time, then try your hand at karaoke, until you become comfortable with performing in front of crowds.

When it comes to marketing yourself as a musician, you can go two directions. You can either try for a big recording label, or you can work as an independent artist.

As an independent artist, you have to work harder to get exposure, but you keep a larger percentage of your profits. Sites like CDBaby and MySpace allow you to market your work directly to your listeners.

Once you get a couple of sucessful independent releases under your belt, then it’s easier to go to a record executive and have them take you seriously. However, I know a lot of musicians who are making a living without having to bow to corporate pressure.

If you’re hardcore serious about becoming a “star” then you might consider moving to someplace like Nashville or Austin, Tx, because that’s where people tend to get discovered.

Do not try to rely on some lightning-in-a-bottle reality show. Hard work is going to get you there far more quickly than a 10000 to 1 chance.

Good luck!

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