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Have you ever dashed out for a night on the town (arcade games, miniature golf, nightclubbing, presidential campaigning) and stopped dead in your tracks, lamenting that you forgot to tape the latest episode of CSI: Bakersfield? If this was the 1990’s and you were counting on your Gen-Xer son to tape NYPD Blue on your new VHS tape-then yes, you would be out of luck. Thankfully, you live in the age of electronics and have access to Digital TV and a whole host of interactive features that were never deemed possible with regular analog television broadcasting. One of the most exciting features to consider is the DVR system-A Digital Video Recorder.

A DVR is an all-in-one receiver that lets home viewers combine digital-quality programming with the old VHS’ concept of home recording. You know how easy it is to save a free downloadable file off the Internet? (Point and click on pretty pictures?) That’s essentially how easy the DVR system works. With Direct TV, you can schedule, record, play and pause all of your favorite TV and movies in real time and schedule recordings whenever you want and wherever you want. Consider some of the amazing features that a DVR system gives you. These features are not only convenient to the home viewer, but may possibly change the way people watch television-and the way networks create television-forever.

With a DVR system you have constant access to your own Virtual VCR-a digitally based system that lets you pause and rewind your favorite shows, whether you are watching a rerun of Seinfeld, tuning into the latest soap on The Young and The Restless or watching the New England Patriots lose in style at the giant hands of their competitors. You could even tune into the upcoming presidential debates and pause live television to read the expressions on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s faces.

Direct TV now has the technology to allow you to schedule your DVR recordings from your PC or anywhere you have access to an internet connection. They even have a version available specifically for mobile phones to access. It is a smaller lighter text based application. With a greater shift in mobile technologies, it is good to see more and more sites focusing on this increase in technology. This uses your online Direct TV account that you set up during installation. If you don’t remember your information, you will need to speak with a customer service representative first to verify your account. Scheduling your home equipment is secure and requires you to log in. Obviously this is done to prevent unwanted recordings filling up your DVR.

You have the power to digitally record any footage with a simple click. A DVR system works as efficiently as a DVD player. There are no VCR tapes to worry about and no additional hassle with “running out of time” with two or four hour LP tapes. You can even set your DVR to record an entire season of The Simpsons or Sponge Bob cartoons. Are you spinning your head trying to keep track of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice show, with NBC moving it all over the primetime lineup? DVR lets you record your favorite show regardless of when it is, and how often the network moves the schedule around! You can even record two shows at the same time on the same DVR.

Whitney Alen is a Direct TV expert and has over 10 years experience in the satellite TV industry.

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