Direct TV

Direct TV has been an innovator ever since it was founded back in 1994 to take advantage of revolutionary satellite technology that allowed hundreds of channels of television to be provided to millions of people all over North America at prices they could afford. Given its history of innovation, we really shouldn’t be that surprised that Direct TV continues to find innovative and surprising ways to allow people to enjoy great satellite television wherever they go.

One extremely creative way that Direct TV has chosen to supply programming to its subscribers in more different places is with the TracVision A5. The TracVision A5 is a satellite antenna that can be mounted on the roof of your vehicle and connected to your vehicle’s video system so that your passengers can enjoy great satellite TV programming almost wherever you go. Direct TV’s TracVision is durable enough to withstand the abuse that the open road can dish out. A small monthly fee (in addition to your normal satellite TV bill) will allow you to enjoy Total Choice Mobile which has over one hundred and fifty five channels that were chosen specifically for viewing in vehicles. Total Choice Mobile includes the Disney Channel, CNN, Bravo, VH1, the Weather channel (an important one for traveling!), The Learning Channel, ESPN, and lots lots more!

Because Direct TV’s satellites broadcast their signals all over North America, you can take the TracVision A5 and Total Choice Mobile with you wherever you go. It’s the perfect way to keep kids occupied during long car trips.

You can also enjoy any Direct TV programming package while traveling from the comfort of your camper or motor home. Just have your satellite receiver equipment installed in your RV and make setting the satellite dish up on a tripod a part of your normal routine of settling into camp and you’ll be ready to enjoy everything that modern television has to offer no matter how much you’re “roughing it” in other ways.

Even if you choose not to take your television with you, Direct TV can still help to make sure that you catch all of your favorite TV shows while you’re away by providing a Digital Video Recorder. A Digital Video Recorder is a unit that comes built in to many satellite receivers that can digitally record video onto a built in hard disk. There are currently two satellite receiver models offered with built in Digital Video Recorders. One can record up to seventy hours of standard definition programming, and the other can record up to thirty hours of high definition programming or up to two hundred hours of standard definition programming. Intuitive software makes it easy to program the Digital Video Recorder to record all of the shows you’ll miss while your gone. When you get back, you’ll get to watch all of that programming in the same high quality digital television that it was originally broadcast in.

Of course all of this high technology is worthless without great programming to watch, which is why Direct TV offers a wide range of programming packages to make sure that there’s always something great to watch on TV. Direct TV’s Total Choice has over one hundred and fifty channels, and Total Choice Premier has two hundred and fifty channels. I you want something on the smaller side, there’s always Family Choice which features over forty channels for the family on a budget.

All of this means that Direct TV provides plenty of innovative reasons to subscriber.

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