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If you are planning a birthday party or school dance for any girl between ages 5-12, you just might want to consider a “daddy/daughter princess ball, or formal. Every little girl’s dream is live in castle, as a princess, complete with castles, thrones, tiara’s, and crown’s, and of course daddy as their king. Most have imagined meeting at a royal ball, dancing until the stroke of midnight, and living happily ever after.

Creating a “princess ball” theme will add a flair or touch of fantasy along with plenty of family bonding, that culminates into the perfect memorable event. Each year, we have the privilege of providing entertainment for one of these for the local Park and Rec department, it is truly a magical night.

Each girl is given a carnation upon entering the “princess ball” along with a special place card. On the back of the place card, you could put the lyrics to a special princess song. “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman is a great example. Formal invitations can be sent out inviting them to royal engagement! The girls and their daddy’s are treated to a royal evening with a special buffet catered by the venue, followed by an enchanted evening of dancing.

One major key to the success of this type of an event is the disc jockey that you hire, and the music that they play. You will want someone who has experience with this age group. In addition, it is especially important to hire someone with experience, as they will need to blend the music to appeal to both the young girls and their fathers or guests.

During dinner, the DJ can mix music to set the perfect atmosphere. Disney princess selections work really well. Here is a short list that has worked really well for some of the “daddy/daughter” balls that we have done in the past.

Belle- Beauty and the Beast

Father and Daughter- From “The Wild Thorn berries”

Kiss the Girl- From “The Little Mermaid”

Thank Heaven For Little Girls- Gigi

You’ll Be In My Heart- From “Tarzan”

Something There- From “Beauty and the Beast”

Be Our Guest- Disney

Once Upon A Dream- From “Sleeping Beauty”

You’ve Gotta Friend In Me- From “Toy Story”

My Favorite Things- From “Sound Of Music”

Again, the music at these events is a huge factor, as dads need to bond with their daughters. Participation is a must. The DJ should mix interactive fun family favorites, along with several slow songs for the “princesses” (daughter’s) to dance with their “kings” (dads). Whether it’s fast or slow, silly or sentimental, the floor should be packed from the beginning.

Here are some great song ideas for after dinner, once the dancing has begun:

Slow Songs

Cinderella- Steven Curtis Chapman

Somewhere Over The Rainbow- From “50 First Dates”

My Little Girl- From “Flicka”

Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlisle

A Whole New World- From Aladdin

Can You Feel the Love Tonight- From “The Lion King”

Fun Interaction Songs


Chicken Dance


Hokey Pokey


Cha Cha Slide

Electric Slide


Follow The Leader

Freeze Dance

Fast Fun Songs


See You Again- Miley Cyrus

Double Dutch Bus

Fabulous- HS Musical 3

Cotton Eyed Joe- Rednex

Barbie Girl- Aqua

Who Let The Dogs Out- Baha Men

Disney’s Mambo #5- Lou Bega

Depending on the group you are planning the event for, you could also mix in several other fun options. Typically these events go approximately 3 hours including dinner. Story time works well, especially if it is for a birthday party. I’ve used “I’d Be Your King, If You’ll be My Princess.” You could also incorporate a photo montage of the birthday girl or guest of honor. Another fun idea is a photo booth, where either you or a hired friend or photographer takes pictures of “girls with their daddy’s.”

Whatever you decide to do, this theme will definitely make young girls cherish their relationships that they have with their daddy’s and will bring a tear to their dad’s faces as they ultimately cherish the event, creating memories that will last forever.

Ed Eaton is the owner of Sound Sensations Entertainment, the wedding Division of AZL Entertainment Group.

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