If you are looking to make beats for your music project, but you cannot afford to spend loads of money on getting into a studio, yet you need professional backing tracks, Sonic Producer offers an online solution that allows you to create and save high quality music using your own computer at home.

Creating Beats is Easy

Making beats online with Sonic Producer is simple and easy! Just get on the site, pick your sounds, add them to your mix, and like magic, you have your beats! The site offers a huge bank of sounds from which you can choose the hottest musical elements. You can even alter the sounds, if you like. Then you have two ways of making your beats: either play your own instrument through your computer to trigger the sounds or click and drag your choices from the sound bank into the online mixing interface and use the click pads or keyboard to write your music.

The interface is amazingly user friendly! If you are a musical genius or a complete beginner, Sonic Producer’s online tools are easy and effective. You get rhythm layouts, volume control for each sound, change the tempo, and instant playback whenever you want it to check your creations.

Tutorials and Lessons

Not feeling like a musical genius? The service also offers music lessons. You can learn theory and piano performance to enhance your musical creations. You do not have to be a computer wiz either. The site offers online help and tutorials to make your beat generation and smooth as your beats!

Low Cost

Is Sonic Producer is free? No, but for what it costs, it will save you a thousand times what you would spend on making the same beats in a studio. The membership to Sonic Producer is less than $30; less than what most studios charge for one hour of studio time!

Pros and Cons

Are there negative things about Sonic Producer? Not that I have found. I have been making music since 1978 and I have a lot of studio time and music making behind me. Sonic Producer has not disappointed me yet and I doubt it will anytime soon. You can make as many beats as you like, save them as high quality files, enter them in Sonic Producer sponsored online contests for prizes, and best of all, it is fun and easy to use! The pros definitely out weigh any cons there may be and with a money back guarantee, you simply cannot loose.

Want to hear more? Check out this review page and see what it has to say about the virtues of making beats on your computer with Sonic Producer: Making Beats on Your Computer

William Connor, Percussionist, Ethnomusicology Ph.D. candidate

London, England and Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

About the Author:

Connor grew up in S.C. watching kung fu & rubber monster movies & reading Gothic literature. After getting a degree in Acoustics/Music, he played drums w/ many goth, jazz, punk, art rock, & noise bands. He studied Tlignit drums in AK & played Asian percussion, studied Tibetan instruments, & got an Ethnomusicology MA in HI. Connor has travelled to over 25 countries to play/study music. He lives in London playing music & working on his music Ph.D.

Article Source: – Making Beats Online is Fun and Easy with Sonic Producer!

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