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Japanese Hip Hop Paper?

I’m writing a 10 page research paper on Hip Hop in Japan and I’m having trouble finding reliable sources. I’ve got a few really short articles and this excellent book by Ian Condry, but I’m going to need way more than these sources. I was looking for a movie Scratching the Surface: Japan but I can’t seem to find a place to download it. Does anybody know where I can get the movie? Also, does anybody know of any books or articles I should take a look at for my topic. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys would give me links to websites, articles, podcasts, or documentaries that talk about Hip Hop specifically in Japan. Thanks!

Most articles on hip hop in Japan would be in Japanese as Japan doesn’t have much pull in the western world as other nations, such as China.

Have you tried searching your local libraries? Most libraries, even small ones such as mine, have an abundant of books on the topic of Japan, especially modern Japan.

Some websites I found in English are:

The Japanese youth here is extremely impressionable, many think that because of how hip hop rappers portray life is how everyone has it in America. So, their idea of Americans are rich, chic people. At least here in Okinawa.

Who Killed Hip Hop

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