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Belt buckles are a staple in the fashion industry. Their practical use, which is to clasp or hold your belt in the right position, is more often than not taken for granted. And why not? Belt buckles have been around for ages. It has been used by people of old civilizations and ancient warriors.

In modern times, it has become another article or accessory that could help one express his or her personality. Manufacturers are seeing this trend and are coming up with more creative designs. You will be amazed at hundreds and hundreds of belt buckle designs available these days. Even the Hip Hop industry is coming up with its own unique pieces true to the culture of the Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop belt buckles are used to accentuate any outfit and add “bling” to people living the Hip Hop lifestyle.

They are available in different materials, sizes, and shapes. Some are very cheap while others could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars such as those worn by your favorite rappers or celebrities. The right belt buckle will surely make an impressive addition to any Hip Hop outfit.

We scoured the Internet to look for the best choices of Hip Hop belt buckles available. Robdiamond.net tops our list of favorite online stores offering Hip Hop belt buckles. Take a look at our picks and you might find something you like. Even if you are not strictly a hip hop guy or girl, there are designs of every kind suitable for every personality and at affordable prices, too.

Hip Hop Cross Rhinestone Pendant Silver Rhodium – Consists of a rhodium cross pendant with embellished with Australian crystals. This is THE “bling,” weighing only an ounce and could be bought online for only USD35.

ATL and NY Rhinestone Cool Belt Buckles – Worth USD28 each, the ATL Atlanta and NY New York buckles allows you to represent your region in style. They are embedded with rhinestones and can fit a belt around 1.5 inches wide.

S Logo Cool Belt Buckle – Who says Superman is not hip hop? The chrome buckle has a neat and simple design bearing the Superman insignia in cold steel. It could be bought for only USD19.95.

Rock Rebel Heart Skull Cool Belt Buckle – Cast from pewter, this item’s skull design fits the tougher side of you. The metal skull is surrounded by an edgy leaf design reminiscent of the glamrock era. Also suitable for belts 1.5 inches wide, the buckle costs USD28.

5 Stars Silver Super Iced Out Large Belt Buckle – Being a celebrity on your own right could not be achieved better than having five stars accessorizing your belt. The original price was almost USD80 but it is now being offered for only USD 28.95, making it a worthwhile find.

More hip hop belt buckles could be found in the likes of “hiphopbling”, “icedoutgear”, and “2hipbuckles”, among others. Belt buckles have become a must-have item and a good find will surely able to make a fashion statement for you.

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