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In the past, aspiring music producers used to have to know people in the music industry, make a few mix tapes, save a few thousand dollars, and take a trip to the local studio to get any of their own beats recorded. This represented an enormous obstacle for those trying to get involved with making rap beats, and kept many beginners from getting their start. Even sooner than this, beginners would be required to buy expensive desktop rap beat making software that was impossible to understand and learn. Now, there are online rap beat makers that make it easier than ever to start making rap beats online. What should you look for in an online rap beat maker? The thing that seperates online rap beat makers from their desktop counterparts is ease of use. Desktop beat maker software is technically dense and has a lot of extraneous controls and features that most beginner producers will never use. Online rap beat makers cut out this “fluff” and give you only the features that you need (the good ones anyway). Be on the lookout for easy exporting to mp3 files (the sound format that you would burn onto a cd to show your friends your beats), a simply user interface, and a big preset sound library. The ability to export files to mp3 was important to me when I first started looking for an online rap beat maker. One program that I used in the past, which I won’t name, made it very hard for me to save my rap beats as mp3s. See, it was very important for me to be able to do this because I burned a lot of mix CDs for car rides with my other beat making buddies.

We would ‘show and tell’ our beats so to speak. Before signing up for a rap beat making site, check to make sure they have mp3 exportability. I know sites like Sonic Producer have this included. Next, a simple user interface is key to finding a good online rap beat maker. The entire point of switching from desktop to online is about the user experience. You want to be able to make hip hop and rap beats, and it should NOT be a chore. A few clicks, drags, and taps and you should have a nice fat track layed out in front of you. If the online beat maker you are looking it does not seem easy to get started, then simply move on to the next one. As I said, also be sure to look for a nice big preset sound library. This goes hand in hand with the ease of use and the whole principle behind having an online rap beat maker in the first place. It is much easier to make your own hip hop beats and instrumentals if you have a lot of hits, drums, scratches, and loops to choose from. In the past, sites and programs would start you with nothing and expect beginners to know how to synthesize samples and loops. One website that has fit the bill perfectly for me is an online rap beat maker called Sonic Producer. I think you will find that not only is it one of the most affordable websites to become a member of, it is one of the easiest systems to start making rap beats online in no time at all. This site gets beginners started easier than any other system I have seen. Their customer support is unrivaled, and their online rap beat maker is top of the line. And yes, they have mp3 exportability. To learn more about this beat maker, check out Beat Makers Online.

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Hip Hop Drums for making Beats

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