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rock, pop, hip hop, radio disney music……..?

My daughter is wondering what kind of music she listens to. She listens to radio disney songs most of the time and she wants to know what type is it. Rock or hip hop or pop? I’m no pro at this, so I need some help. Could you give some miley cyrus examples or high school musical/high school musical 2 or camp rock? thanks!
could u give me a definition for pop and hip-hop??!? thank!

Although a lot of tweens might think that they’re listening to rock or hip-hop music, all that their listening to is pop.
Anything by Miley Cyrus is pop.
Anything by the Jonas Brothers is pop.
Chris Brown is pop/R&B (More pop though)
Pop is short for “Popular” so anything on radio disney is most likely pop. You won’t find anything else on that station.

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