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Cell phone dating is so popular in some countries, like Japan, that it’s overtaken online dating. Now the phenomenon has spread to the USA to the tune of six million mobile-daters, and more coming onboard everyday. How many might be waiting to “hear” from you?A web search will turn up mobile dating services like Webdate Mobile, Dodgeball, Zogo, Match Mobil, and SMS Flirt. You still have to go online to register, post profiles and/or pictures, etc., but then it’s all cell phone.

Some people are hesitant to use mobile dating because they aren’t as familiar with how the many features of their mobile phone or PDA as they are with their home computer or laptop. But this shouldn’t stop you, because there are several advantages to mobile dating that make taking the time to learn the technology of mobile use worth the effort. In countries like Japan, mobile dating has spread like wildfire, with huge jumps in subscriptions to service providers by young singles.

Phone dating is a way of meeting dating-partners through the use of cell phones. With a mobile dating service, it is possible for individuals to find a date anytime, anywhere. Irrespective of where the individuals are, these dating services allow access to the profiles of possibly hundreds of men or women available for dating. Free phone dating services allow individuals to access the profiles of people who match their own profile of things they like to do, places they like to visit, and even the kinds of movies they like to watch.

The various aspects of mobile phones can place a magnifying on various aspects of a person, but not all of them flattering. If you have a good phone manner then communicating via MMS or text messages won’t help to accentuate your good points during a point where you’re essentially trying to sell yourself. If you are a very nervous person then you might have the courage to say things in a message that you would never have the courage to say face to face with someone.

Mobile dating is fast becoming popular as well. No longer are people tied to their computers to find the best dating site, now they can use their hand held devices as well. Webcam chats are also becoming popular, allowing prospective dates to chat and see each other in real time to find out quickly whether they are clicking or not. Niche markets that target specific demographics are a great way to narrow your potential matches and are becoming more popular.

Thumbplay also offers celebrity gossip, daily horoscopes and jokes sent directly to your phone through their texting service. A couple of other options available through the text service include Daily Insults, Bible Quotes, Booze Tips, Daily Inspiration and Hip Hop Gossip. If you have a specific song, game or wallpaper that you’re looking for, you can search through the Thumbplay site for it, or just look around for what grabs your attention.

Meeting your mobile dating partner for the first time may be a heart beating event but asking your partner for second date is actually much more crucial than your first date. Since you have never met your dating partner before the first date, most of the times your partner will be satisfied with just an afternoon talk or a cozy talk in a coffee shop.

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Hip Hop Wallpaper

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