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If you have a large space in your garden, lawn or in backyard and you do not know how to make that space functional, then sheds are the best option. These shacks are very versatile and functional in nature. You can convert your unused and stranded space into a highly utility and practical area.

Garden sheds are the most popular option. These are typically made of wood and are used for many purposes, but mostly for storage purposes. However, with the growing popularity of these shacks, many manufacturers have come up with a variety of sheds for customer satisfaction.

Types of Garden Sheds:

The following shacks can be converted and custom made according to your own desires, requirements and budget. Add windows for proper ventilation, cabinets for storage, double door openings, etc. These are available in various colours, shapes and sizes.

  1. Wooden Shed: These sheds are generally used as storage space. Here you can store all your garden tools and equipments, make a little nursery, store your bicycle, and safely hide your garden furniture in monsoons or snowfalls, etc.
  2. Metal Shed: These are of the same use as wooden shacks; however, these are much stronger and provide better protection. Thus, many people use these in combination; they use them as shed for storing garden stuff and also as Garages, to safely park their cars in bad weather situations.
  3. Summer House: These are sitting spaces for the family to spend some intimate moments together. You can either covert them into gathering space by adding small coffee table and few couches or lounges, or you can convert these into hobby areas like a painting room or a music room, where you can keep all your music instruments and jam with friends, etc.

These can also be converted in to children’s play room, where your kids can enjoy playing with their friends uninterrupted. Keep their toys, drawing books, puzzles, etc and some comfortable sitting space and see them squeak with excitement.

  1. Asbestos Shed: These shacks occupies minimum space and can be accommodated on a shoestring budget. These are usually used in backyards where there is less space available. These are sturdy and durable and available in various colours and shapes.
  2. Log Cabins: log cabins have a fresh and natural feel of wood, which gives you a rejuvenating area to escape to other than your home. Use these for hosting cosy lunches on lazy holidays.
  3. Spanbilt Shed: These are multi functional and highly useful sheds. These provide you with outdoor storage solutions with features like carports, shed, cabinets, etc. Add windows for attractive appearance and ventilation, double doors to park your vehicle, etc. You can opt for a variety of doors: roller, hinge, sliding doors, etc.

You can either get your shed made by professionals or can easily assemble one on your own with the help of a home kit. Turn your waste land into a highly useful area and see all the unused stuff exit your house.

For any help on Garden sheds, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the Garden shed!

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