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If your band is seeking to make a break into the competitive world of the recording industry, getting your name out into the public eye can often be very difficult. Recording studios rarely sign contracts with unknown bands because the music industry operates on popularity. If a band isn’t achieving some level of local success, then the big record companies assume that they just aren’t what the listening public is interested in hearing. To break this cycle, many bands are turning to online media as a method of promoting their music and building their fan base. If your band is trying to make a name for itself, online promotion of your music can be your best option.

Promoting your music to the online audience is a fairly simple process. By following certain methods, you can quickly gain a large following for your band and its sound. With the Internet being a global source of information and entertainment, putting your band into the digital world may create markets for your music that were not available in the past.

* Make a music video.

Video sharing sites, like YouTube, Vimeo and VideoEgg, are cropping up all over the Internet. Offering a great place to share short user created videos, these sites put the music video within easy reach. Grab your digital video camera, or even your web cam, and capture your bands performance. Using a video editor, you can add some extra effects like titles and contact information for your band. Once you are finished editing, simply upload the video to the site and then spread the word. Does it work? Ask 12 year old, Mallory Ownbey, whose YouTube video of her performance at the local Farmington Festival Days caught the eye of Guy Harris from Wasatch Records. She was signed to record a four song demo and is now recording her fifth song with the label.

* Tweet like a bird

Twitter is an excellent way to spread the word about your music and activities. When you post videos, make certain to tweet the links to them and don’t be afraid to ask your followers to give feedback. If your followers know that you are interested in their opinions, they are more likely to check out your videos. You can also use Twitter to tell everyone where your next performance will be and news related to your band. You never know what big record label or talent agent may be following your tweets or connected to someone who is.

* Socialize

Social media, like Facebook, MySpace, Tagged and similar applications, are extremely popular web applications. People flock to these sites to see who they know and who they want to learn more about. If your band is trying to get noticed by the big recording companies, you need to put up profiles on social media sites. Make sure your profiles are interesting to read and look at by including information about your band and musical style, as well as pictures from your performances.

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