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These days you will find up and coming artist turning to the internet to promote their music. This is actually a great idea because the internet is a fantastic place to advertise anything, especially music. Yes, promoting your music online can be a cool opportunity to get yourself out there but you need to know how to promote your music via the world wide web. In this article I will go over 5 things that you should do to get seen and heard on the internet.

1. The first thing that I recommend getting yourself is a website. I know it is common for a lot of artist to get a MySpace page and use that as their primary site, but you will come off more professional if you have your own official website. Your main website doesn’t have to be super fancy or anything like that. You just want it to be a place where fans of your music can go and get to know you and hear some of your stuff. Your site should have a place where fans can signup for your mailing list, an artist bio, discography, photos and some samples of your music. These things are the essentials

2. You definitely need to sign up with digital music distribution companies. Signing up with companies that sell your digital music  is a must. This will allow you to sell your music to people that you’d probably never be able to sell it to. Another benefit to signing up with these companies is that most of them attract their own traffic to their sites bringing you even more exposure. A really good place to start with is CD Baby. Once you signup with them they will automatically sign you up with the top music distribution companies.

3. Joining music forums is very under rated but can really bring some wanted attention to your music. Find and register with several online forums that fits your gene of music and become an active participant. Most forums will allow you to create a signature which will appear after every post that you make. This is where you can put a link to your official website.

4. Join social networks. I’m sure that you are familiar with MySpace, face book and twitter. You should setup an artist page with all of them and up date them periodically. I say this because it will be easy for you to waste time fooling around on these sites. Maybe just pick one day out the week where you go in and check all of your pages.

5. You should be using Youtube. Many artist avoid using Youtube as a marketing tool because they think they need a fancy produced video and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The idea here is to get your music out there. If you want you can create a video using only still photos with your music playing.

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Using Twitter to Promote Your Music

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