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Money – it makes the world go round. It also tends to be the most important item on the list of criteria people look for in a job. After all banking has to be one of the most boring jobs out there yet the good salaries offer a great deal to keep people interested. There is also a great deal of secrecy over salaries. People rarely like to divulge their salary and as a result there are a great deal of misconceptions about how much different people earn and as a result the issue of salaries is shrouded in mystery.

There are a number of salary comparison charts that enable an individual to work out if the pay they are receiving in their current job is up to scratch. These can be extremely beneficial for negotiating a better deal at work. These salary scales may also indicate that it is time to move on from your current job and find something new. To most people the most interesting pay packets are those that the celebrities receive.

We all know that these celebrities earn a lot of money but how much is a lot? So here is and look into the jobs that you should be doing to make mega bucks – don’t get envious! TV and film salaries TV and film pay packages can be obnoxious. The lead actor in the US TV show The Sopranos earned an incredible 5million pounds per year for his role. It is said that talk show host earns and even more impressive 15 million pounds for hosting his show.

The highest earning people in the movie industry are said to be the Weinstein brothers. Have produced a number of box office successes and as a result regularly earn in excess of 25 million pounds each per year. The high earning movie stars tend to demand fees in excess of 9 million pounds. Received fees that worked out at around 10 million pounds. Nicole Kidman is one of the highest earning actresses and for her role in The Interpreter she commanded a fee of seven and a half million pounds.

Other high earning females in the movie industry are Kirsten Dunst who earned four million pounds when she appeared in Elizabethtown. Lindsay Lohan was paid one and three quarter million pounds when she played Maggie Payton in the new version of the film. Most shocking of all is the salary that was paid as a representative for GAP.

She was paid a disgusting 19 million pounds! Musician salaries It is well known that the music industry is one of the areas in which the most money is earned. The most lucrative areas of music at the moment seem to be in rap and hip hop music. 50 cent is said to earn 25 million pounds per year whereas the P Diddy enterprise brings in 18 million pounds for its creator each year.

Frank Sinatra makes an incredible 5 million pounds per year despite being dead and makes and even larger 10 million pounds.

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