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Many aspiring hip hop artists are one sided. This is not an insult toward these up and comers, simply some constructive criticism. I have seen many aspiring artists who only had one skill set. They either had sick flow, and nice lyrics, basically they had mastered the linguistic, lyrical side of hip hop, but not the musical side. They forget that the beats behind their music should be just as personal and meaningful as every syllable that makes up your tracks. Many artists push this aspect of their music away, however some like Kanye West, embrace it. See Kanye understood that the beats behind his music had to be just as meaningful as the words themselves. Kanye set out to start making rap beats. He made five beats a day, every single day. Now, he still uses some of those beats in records, and one of those beats can sell for as much as $1 million to an artist like Ludacris or Lil Wayne. Many artists are the opposite: they will just buy rap beats online from a producer like Kanye, instead of understanding how easy it is to make rap beats online. Instead of buying hip hop beats online, why not make your own fat beats? It’s easier than it’s ever been to make rap beats online thanks to online rap beat makers. In the past, it used to mean a trip to the studio or buying expensive software if you were an aspiring producer wanting to make your own beats.

Now, you can sign up to a website like Sonic Producer and start making your own beats in no time flat. Sonic Producer gives you everything you need to start making rap beats online: top of the line software which has 16 tracks, 8 dj pads, a huge preset loop and beat library, mp3 export, and that’s just the software. Membership gets you everything you need to start making beats fast. You get access to thousands of video tutorials showing you everything from how to make a sick bassline to how to set up a keyboard for piano sets. Membership like this must cost a fortune, right? Wrong, a mesely one time fee of $29 gets you a lifetime membership to this site. I have seen beginners with no experience whatsoever get a membership to this site and start selling beats to people who are in your position now within two months. Think about that. Here you are trying to find ways to buy rap beats online when for less than $29 (probably wouldn’t even buy you one beat), you can make your own rap beats online! Never has it been easier for aspiring producers and rappers to get started in the industry. Why not start your very own hip hop career today? Check out Beat Makers Online for more information.

Do you want to make your own hip hop beats? Check out Beat Makers Online to get started.

Interview with rap artist turned Muslim – 2 Jul 09

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