Watch rap music videos? You’re to Blame for Increased Underage Pregnancies?

So claims a report of a US-wide study. The study was led by Dr Steven Martino and published in the journal “Pediatrics“. Dr Martino found a correlation between:
    •    rap artists’ frequent “emphasis on sex and demeaning depictions of women”, encouraging promiscuous behavior among young rap fans, and
    •    the corresponding increase in STDs and unwanted pregnancies

Dr Martino observed that rap music used graphic and explicit lyrics, filled with obscenities, and that these influenced teenagers’ sexual behavior. (In contrast to other contemporary music genres such as rock, country, blues and pop which refer to similar themes, but in a less explicit way.) The study findings blamed rap music and hip hop for encouraging early sexual behavior, leading to wider spread of disease and a higher number of underage pregnancies among their fans.

The survey found that youngsters listening to rap typically spent between 1.5 and 2.5 hours daily. In addition, rap music clips on TV and watching rap videos increase this exposure. About 40% of rap lyrics mentioned sex or relationships.

If this has been the pattern for rap movies so far, is there any sign of a change in new rap music? Is it possible to listen to rap music which has a more positive influence on teenage behavior?

Well yes. For example, there are “Christian” rap videos, which carry a more positive message.

I can’t see any alternative but for parents to take a more active roll in guiding their kid’s choices towards more positive influences. Especially in such a powerful media as rap videos and music.

Rap videos are available both on major and independent labels. They can often be bought very cheaply – below $5 – if you’re not after the latest of the top 10 rap songs. There are many websites offering CDs, DVDs and downloads. Just search on your favorite Search Engine, or have a look at

Of course with increased Internet bandwidth in recent times, HD quality is now available for those who’d rather use instant downloads and watch music videos online.

Calling all who listen to rap music…Where do you find the good deals? The easiest access to download stuff that you don’t have to wait forever for? Quality sound and video?

And where can you easily get hold of new rap music as soon as its released? Whether its in the top 10 rap songs or just squeezes into the top 100 rap songs, if you like it, you want it. Right?

Just remember to consider whether the values and attitudes pouring out from your favorite artists are the ones you really want to adopt…

Glen Cludden

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