Rock Climb

Rock climbing is the art of scaling or climbing up a natural rock formation to reach the top (summit), a stopping point, or the end of a predetermined “route”. There are probably as many opinions on how to rock climb as there are climbers.

Make no mistake about it; rock climbing is a sport. Although it is not an Olympic event, it is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) as a sport. All sports have their respective equipment or “gear” and rock climbing is no exception. Rock climbers must maintain a variety of specialized “tools” including but not limited to; climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk sack, rope, and a host of anchors and other gear.

As with any sport, climbers are athletes and as such must be in good physical condition. A climber relies on strength, endurance, skill, and balance to keep safe from injury while enjoying the climb and not exhausting all their energy. Keeping fit is a large part of the climbers lifestyle because it could make the difference between fulfillment and serious injury or even death.

Skill acquisition through training and experience are also very important to a climber. Climbing is a potentially dangerous sport and must be treated as such! while a good climber will always look to “stretch” his or her abilities, they should never attempt a route that far surpasses their skill level.

There are two basic types of rock climbing – traditional or “trad” and sport climbing. Within these two types are several categories due to the many different formations available around the world. Knowledge of these types and styles is crucial to evaluating and executing each climb safely.

Newcomers to the sport are encouraged to start with “bouldering” and/or “top-roping”, (both will be covered in another article). A smart potential climber will start with the basics and advance to the next level of skill only after having mastered the previous, all the while working on their strength and endurance. Remember, safety first is the name of this game!

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