Seen on Tv – Ab Machines

Question: What is the best Ab machine seen on tv that actually works?

I see all these different ab machines on tv but wondering if any of them actually work. I’m looking to buy one and need to know if anyone has a success story and with which one?

Answer: Have a look at the Ab Crunch Machine

Nice product,very well made. It was very easy to assemble,took about an hour. I’ve been doing crunches on the floor for months w/an assist type machine. I have felt no burn after until I started using the Ab Crunch machine. I know I will get results. I would reccomd this over all the trendy gimmick type machines out there that you would NEVER see in a gym. This machine is definetly gym quality at an affordable price.

I bought it with free shipping from…
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Hope you like it. Good Luck!

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