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Don’t worry there is a solution to your bush trimming woes, it is called the Garden Groom. This hedge clipper features a unique collecting system that makes it whole lot easier to trim those hedges. Freeing up your time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Garden Groomer also has another special feature that makes gardening a bit easier and perhaps a bit cheaper, the feature is shredder. The shredder is capable of reducing waste by a ratio of 10:1. So the clippings are ideal as mulch or can be used in the compost heap.

The Garden Groomer is currently the world’s only collecting hedge trimmer that is equipped with a completely concealed blade. This eliminates the risks involved when using these types of hedge clippers. Dangers like sustain an injury or cutting the power cable. There are two types of clippers currently the most popular, the Garden Groom Pro and the Garden Groom Midi.

When deciding which one to get, you need to figure out if your hedges are small to medium or large. The way to decide is small to medium size hedges are .6″ to .8″ and large is everything above that. the Midi is perfect for those young hedges and trimming where as the Pro is for the larger, older and tougher hedges.

The Midi weighs 5.9 to 7.7 pounds, this one is also great for someone with a weight restriction. The motor 430w,300w and 500w. The on-board container is able to contain the capacity of 64 square feet.

The Garden Groom pro is capable of cutting up to branches up to 1/2″ simply because it has around head. It weighs 7.7 pounds so once again it is perfect for those who have weight restrictions. The Garden Groom Pro is able to cut Privet, Hawthorn, Ash, Holly, Yew, Leylandi and Beech for just example of it’s cutting capabilities.