Pop Music Artists

Most of the people around the world are suffering with hectic and stressful daily life. They would like to relax their minds with some fine music. And also doctors are reporting that music has extreme powers to rectify the issues like anxiety, stress and many more. However, most of the people are treating this music as an entertainment. The drastic change in internet technology is giving a wide range of music from the world best professional musicians. There are some well established and well reputed websites are providing this major label artist music through online.

Those who are not having much knowledge in internet are listening these numbers through Radio. And also you can listen to old songs in radio also. Some of the people are interested to search for new music depending upon their choice. Most of the radio stations would like plays the Best of Indie rock and pop songs regularly. If you listened carefully, you will notice that you can hear these songs four to five times. Most of the people would like to listen to new Indie tracks in every part of the world.

The artists of Indie music are so much professional at their work, and they are in it to make art of music. Especially, the younger generations are having a more passion of Indie music. And now all over the world has been recognizing the art of the Indie music. From the past few years, the market of Indie music is growing worldwide. So many music album makers are looking for the best professional in Indie pop and rock music. Now I am not that jaded to think there is not any mainstream artist in it to make art or Indie artists to make money. This is the main reason behind growing rate of Indie music listeners. And also with the new albums, they have a wide range of choice to choose from. If you want to learn about Indie artist, blogs are the best way to learn.

Most of the professional Indie musicians are interested to make albums with local bands.They are encouraged by some esteemed album makers; this would help them to expand their tastes by researching new music and give other styles of music a chance.For this instance, the internet technology will help you to get great resources just what you want. Finally, there are some well established an excellent website in internet are offering this music for free of cost. However, you need to pay a few dollars for additional services. For more information, please visit their web site.

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VOLARE, Elfa’s Jazz & Pop Singers, Indonesia

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Country Music Artists

Country Music as we know it has been around for decades, with the 1920’s seen as the ‘era’ of Country; with thousands of faces, some well-known, some fading into obscurity lining the Hall of Fame, who are the important figureheads in the history of Country Music? Who pioneered it, we know and love today? Here are some of the founders:

A.C Robertson

Alexander (known as Eck) Robertson recorded the first commercial Country Music song in 1922! He was born in 1887 and lived in Texas, growing up learning to play the fiddle, he eventually found himself with a recording contract. In 1922 Eck recorded the now famous track “Sally Gooden.” It never made it big, and it didn’t sell many copies, but he began the industry we know today.

As the first ever recorded artist, Eck Robertson certainly deserves to be considered a pioneer.

Vernon Dalhart

Vernon Dalhart had the first Country Singer to have a nationwide hit in 1924 -just 2 years after Eck Robertson sang, with “Wreck of the Old ’97.” Vernon was born in 1883 as Marion try Slaughter, he took his name from two towns were he worked. He applied and was hired by Edison records, but he didn’t start out as a Country Singer, he began with classical and dance, later in 1924 he released his first song which quickly became a hit. He went on to record many different hits, using various names, hundreds in fact!

While Vernon may have not begun his career, he certainly made an impact on the business, alerting recording companies to how lucrative it could be, for that and for singing the first country song to become a nationwide hit, Vernon Dalhart deserves his place in the pioneers.

Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers if often known as ‘The Father of Country Music,” he recorded “The Soldier’s Sweetheart” and “Sleep, Baby, Sleep” in 1927 and although they didn’t make millions, they did achieve some success and fame. But Jimmie was determined to make it big and recorded another song ‘Blue Yodel” or “T for Texas” as it is often known. This song earned him his stardom, selling hundreds of thousands of copies.

Jimmie Rodgers made a good career for himself out of singing Country, and influenced many artists, Country and non country alike; sadly he died at 35 years old from TB. For his contribution, Jimmie Rodgers earned his place among the pioneers of Music.

The Carter Family

The Carter Family was a group that recorded in the late 1920s to the late 1950s, they are considered to be the first Country vocal group, in the group was Delaney Carter, his wife Sarah Carter and his sister-in-law Maybelle Carter.

They made their first recording in 1927 with “Wandering Boy” and “Poor Orphan Child,” later they created the well known, “Keep On the Sunny Side,” and many more besides. Their songs became very popular and very well known.

Later though the group disbanded and split, with Maybelle singing with her children and occasionally the group re-uniting to sing a hit, merging with several family generations.

The Carter Family’s songs have been covered by artists such as Joan Baez and even Bob Dylan, but as important as the songs were, the Carter Family pioneered a new way of playing the guitar the “Carter Style.” With such influence on the world, the Carter Family deserves their place as an early pioneer.

It has a long history spanning decades, and these among other later pioneers have created the wonderful world of this music that we know today, they deserve their place in Country Music history.

Joe Hansen is an expert in country music and also reports on the latest news and events in the country music world.

Amanda Henkel – “A Million And One” [ Country Music Video ]

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Country Music

Country/Bluegrass star Ricky Skaggs
TOWER — One of country music’s top artists will be headlining two shows at Fortune Bay Resort & Casino this weekend.
JOEY+RORY – CHEATER CHEATER video in high res

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Rock Music Online

Web ‘N Retail and Whotune.com Form Alliance, Annouce Online Music Contest
Earlier this week, music marketing company Web ‘n Retail (a division of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC) and independent artist website Whotune.com announced a “strategic alliance” between their companies.As noted in their press release, Rock ‘n Retail, LLC has marketed physical music …
CC DeVille – Tripping Over the Same Rock (5 of 6)

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Rock Music Station

They say, Music is the food for soul, I do not really know to what extent it is right. All I know is, I want more music, more, more and more. I am crazy about Shakira’s Hips don’t lie, Medona’s ‘Guilty by Association’ and the most famous song by Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish you were here’. I have been into almost all type of music. For instance, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Tango, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Metal, Hip hop and some local musical types are something I cannot dispatch myself from. So wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you will enjoy the floating feel when you push yourself into it.

iPhone has been a great source for music lover. There are uncountable app stores out there and Music applications are the hottest products there. I have brought you top three music iPhone applications 2010. Have a look,

AOL Radio 1.1

AOL Radio 1.1 proffers a wide range of music whenever you feel like to, at your convenience. It allows you to stream music by genre or location from more than 200 stations. It is very easy to use and doesn’t even require initial account or setup. All you need to do is, choose what you want to listen and enjoy your track. This music app is very eye-captivating and intriguing that keeps your interest by not only music, but by appearance as well.
You can mark favorite stations so that you can go there over and over. Also, you can link your favorite track on iTunes or AOL Music to download. AOL Radio 1.1 can so intelligently dig out the nearest CBS Radio stations or search engines for stations in the city.

Shazam 1.0

Shazam is a fantabulous Music identification iPhone app that helps you to identify some song you couldn’t really recognize who performed it. You can hold the iPhone to the source of that particular song and Shazam will let you know from approximately 5 million songs in 10 seconds time. Amazing, isn’t it?

FlyCast Mobile Broadcast Network 1.3

FlyCast Mobile Broadcast Network 1.3 is a streaming Internet Radio iPhone app that offers you wide range of internet radio stations of very type of music, news and sports as well. It’s three in one iPhone app which is the best part. It helps you accessing inimitable features like pausing and buffering, so you can continue listening even your network connection is a dead soul. It gives you an in-built web browser to play a radio station in the background while using other iPhone apps. You can listen music and play games at the same time.

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The Runaways – Rock And Roll

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