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Advertising, no matter what medium is being used, is aimed to get people interested in a product or service. The most popular medium for people to get their information from is the television. Think about it, what do you do with your free time? While some households may not have internet access, or may have limited internet access, just about every household in the developed world has a television, and each generation spends more time in front of it than the generation before. Your product or service can be placed in front of millions of eyes. Pound for pound that’s more eyes per dollar then any paper ad. Television advertising can be designed to appeal to your target audience.

No matter what demographic is likely to be using a service or product, television is able to deliver it at a time those people are more likely to be watching and in a way that would appeal to them. For example, if a company is looking to sell educational toys for toddlers, the ads would be made to appeal to the parents of toddlers, and placed on television during daytime talk shows or soap operas, so the stay at home mom would be sure to see it. Television advertising increases the company’s visibility. Imagine being able to reach thousands of people at once. With television, advertising efforts are more efficient since one ad will be viewed by thousands or millions in the target audience. This helps build the brand, making the company a household name, not just a name people have seen somewhere. Most people admit that the products they buy are products they have seen on television.

In your local Wal-Mart or Walgreens what are the most prominent sales items? They are for the most part “As Seen on TV” items right at the register and all around it. This is good product placement, these items are shown to millions daily on TV they fly off the shelves’. Let not get to far ahead, first you need a commercial or TV ad to showcase your product. There are many companies who provide this service; one is East Shore Productions with the Living in Style series shown on the ION network in millions of homes every day. Companies like East Shore productions produce a TV segment around your product or service with professional shot video and voice over to highlight your product or service setup to sell it to your targeted audience. This is usually followed up with an internet campaign or website where your past and future customers can view the videos along with details on your product or service and of course how they can purchase them, and contact you.

Tried and true results are available through television. From the beginning of television broadcasting the results of television advertising has been measured. Showing great results, advertising on television is the best venue to use and gets stronger every year as more people sit in front of the tube. People are more likely to pay attention to a television ad than an ad anywhere else including mailed post cards, email campaigns, pop up ads, radio ads, or printed in the local newspaper. I am not saying do not use the other options. The best ad campaigns are a mixture of TV, Internet and Paper ads. Television advertising can be formatted to fit in with an already existing advertising campaign. Logos can be reproduced to be seen, show how products work, and testimonials can be given by real people. Even in the 21st century, the power of television advertising cannot be overstated.

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As Seen

Don’t worry there is a solution to your bush trimming woes, it is called the Garden Groom. This hedge clipper features a unique collecting system that makes it whole lot easier to trim those hedges. Freeing up your time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Garden Groomer also has another special feature that makes gardening a bit easier and perhaps a bit cheaper, the feature is shredder. The shredder is capable of reducing waste by a ratio of 10:1. So the clippings are ideal as mulch or can be used in the compost heap.

The Garden Groomer is currently the world’s only collecting hedge trimmer that is equipped with a completely concealed blade. This eliminates the risks involved when using these types of hedge clippers. Dangers like sustain an injury or cutting the power cable. There are two types of clippers currently the most popular, the Garden Groom Pro and the Garden Groom Midi.

When deciding which one to get, you need to figure out if your hedges are small to medium or large. The way to decide is small to medium size hedges are .6″ to .8″ and large is everything above that. the Midi is perfect for those young hedges and trimming where as the Pro is for the larger, older and tougher hedges.

The Midi weighs 5.9 to 7.7 pounds, this one is also great for someone with a weight restriction. The motor 430w,300w and 500w. The on-board container is able to contain the capacity of 64 square feet.

The Garden Groom pro is capable of cutting up to branches up to 1/2″ simply because it has around head. It weighs 7.7 pounds so once again it is perfect for those who have weight restrictions. The Garden Groom Pro is able to cut Privet, Hawthorn, Ash, Holly, Yew, Leylandi and Beech for just example of it’s cutting capabilities.


Seen As On Tv

As seen on TV wholesale products are widely available on the net today. Selling these items is an excellent business model as advertisement has already been put in place for you. As a result the consumer is already aware that these exist and is an eager buyer if they are typing in a particular as seen on TV product.

Many dropshippers exist for these types of products and this makes for a viable business even if you have little to invest. That’s right with as little as $10-$30 you could be making your first sales online. Selling online is not difficult, with the visitors on eBay you easily have targeted buyers.

The wholesale part comes into play when you are earning enough money and are happy with the profit margin. Now this is where the profit is. For example, you could be selling an as seen on tv gardening product, the dropshipper is charging you $20 including shipping to send to your customer. In contrast, if you buy the as seen on TV wholesale products you could receive a quantity of 10 for $140, thus saving you $60 in the process. The higher the quantity you purchase, the higher the discount you receive. Many of these items come in special offers like buy 5 get 1 free. Can you see how profitable buying from a wholesaler is?

Will you make money from this?

With a good supplier you will definitely make money. You need to stay on top of all the latest trends. These items come out regularly and you need to identify the profitable items from the not so profitable items. You can also offer these items on wholesale yourself and become a supplier of these to people. This is an excellent way to make recurring income and I have implemented this strategy into my business. So to conclude that:

  • Follow the trends
  • know when a trend has finished
  • Outsource your work to others but still keep the majority of the profit.
  • Customer service is paramount and needs to be incorporated into any business.

So with that said, as seen on tv wholesale products will make you money, you just need to know how to sell them in the right way. By selling properly, showing pictures of the product and coming across as a good seller you have a winning formula.

As Seen On Tv Products – Abs Machine Sales Tips

When delivering a sales pitch to someone do you ever wonder why there are times when you are able to close the deal and other times why you cannot? What makes the difference if you are presenting the same product in each sales scenario? Why do certain buyers jump on the opportunity while others are more skeptical? There is an actual science to the art of selling, and these are four tips you should keep in mind when approaching your next potential buyer.

1. Prepare for the buyers that ask “what if.” “What if” are the buyers that are the most difficult to sway into buying your product. These are typically the consumers who are constantly asking questions beyond the products purpose. For instance, if you are selling a carpet spot remover, then this consumer wants to know what if you use the same product for a stain on your couch, clothes, or shoes. Thus, you better know the product inside and out before dealing with this type of consumer; otherwise, you are going to fail miserably.

2. Inform the buyers that ask “why.” Buyers that ask “why” are the type of people who want to know what is in it for them. “Why” buyers are consumers who you must approach with information regarding the benefits of the product. Bombard them with an overload of answers. This approach does not work with all consumers, but for the “why” consumers the additional answers you provide the further convinced they are to buy your product on the spot.

3. Be scientific for the buyers that ask “how.” Buyers that ask “how” are generally people who need to know what formula, equation, electrical reasoning is needed to make the product work. “How” buyers wish to know how does the product work, what is the formula behind it, why does it work. With “how” buyers think engineers whom need to dissect a product and require explanations on how the product works. For example, if you are selling an ab machine to a “how” buyer, then be prepared to answer questions about how does the product work, what makes the product function, and what technical explanation is there for the results produced. If you think science with “how” buyers, then you shall result in a successful sale.

4. Describe practical stats to the buyers that ask “what for.” Buyers that ask “what for” are consumers whose attention shall be captivated by talking about what purpose would be fulfilled when buying your product in comparison to others. If you focus on practical matters such as how your product is better, cheaper, faster than anything else on the market, then the “what for” buyers become entranced. They are hooked into what you are saying and absorb it all translating into another sale for you.

If you keep in mind these various personalities of consumers/buyers when you present your product, then it makes your life easier. For you are able to evaluate which type of consumer you are engaging with allowing you to adapt your sales approach accordingly. It is an asset to keep these four types of buyers in mind so you may achieve higher sales than ever before.

If you are looking for an ab machine and other various “seen on tv” products, I trust you can find answers all your consumer questions.

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And if you are selling any of these seen on tv products, such as an ab machine, then keep these four type of consumers in mind ensuring your next pitch results in a sale.

Seen On Tv – Exercise Machines Compared

The world of exercise is filled with fancy machinery that promises you the world. Sometimes they deliver on those promises and sometimes they simply drain your pocketbook. That is why often times an honest review of products is helpful. Below you can find details on both the Gazelle Power Plus and the Edge. You can compare and contrast the two machines and make an informed decision on which one is right for you.



o   On board computer that gives you information on speed, distance, time, and caloric burn

o   Split suspension that allows for a wider range of motion

o   1.5 Gauge Steel – 250 pound weight limit

o   Non-skid platform

o   Folds easily for storage

o   Low Impact

o   Smooth motion

o   Quiet

o   Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels

This simple machine gives you a low impact cardiovascular workout. Being low impact makes this machine a perfect choice for sufferers of knee and joint pain.

Power Plus:

o   8 Possible workouts

o   Low Impact

o   High tension aircraft cables and steel frame- weight limit 350 pounds

o   Thumb pulse for heart rate monitoring

o   On board computer gives you accurate time, speed, distance, and caloric burn

o   Comes with video workout

o   Water bottle holder/ TV remote holder

o   Also has the split suspension for range of motion

Again a great machine for low impact cardio training. The main difference in these two machines is construction, weight limit and a few bells and whistles. Overall another good machine. However, what do customers have to say about the machines?

Customer Reviews

Edge: People who have purchased the Gazelle Edge are unanimous in their opinions. The machine is easy to assemble, fun to use and packs away simply. There was very little in the way of complaints, though it was mentioned that after some use there is a little noise. Most said that using wd-40 like the directions suggest takes care of this minor annoyance immediately.  Of all the reviews, there was a 90% customer satisfaction rating that is decent for any product!

Power Plus: This machine had reviews similar to the cheaper Edge. Most were happy with the performance of the machine. Again, it was fun to use and beat having to deal with varying temperatures and weather. One satisfied customer shared that he was thankful for his machine after he was injured at work. He had a clean radial fracture of his fibula, but thanks to the low impact nature of the machine, he was able to maintain his workouts.  Out of 31 reviews, only eight people had any significant complaints.


When choosing between these two products there are really only two major differences, weight limit and heart rate monitor. The first of course demands attention; if you were over the weight limit, you would risk injury to yourself in addition to voiding any warranty. The second option of a heart rate monitor is more a matter of personal preference, however if you have a medical condition that requires you monitor your heart rate that is a different story.

The Edge it seems is the perfect machine for beginners. Low price and ease of use make it a perfect purchase for someone new to exercise or who is on a strict budget.

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