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Thomas Conner: Listening to Jimmy Webb’s stable of once-upon-a-time hit songs — “Wichita Lineman,” “Galveston,” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” — you’d think he had a GPS in his writing room. Webb, 64, is on the road again and performing at Lincoln Hall tonight to support his first CD in a few years, “Just Across the River.” The album features many of Webb’s hits reborn in loose new …
Ani DiFranco with Andy Stochansky – March 1994 Air date

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Best Rock Songs

Best & Worst Moments of Coachella: Day Two
BEST BALLSY MOVE: MGMT “Kids” is to MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden, as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain: a ubiquitous pop track that made them famous, but ultimately worked against their artistic vision, as fans continued to demand the sound the band wanted to leave behind. And Saturday night at Coachella, MGMT did just that, omitting their most popular song while playing to …
Top 100 Greatest Rock Songs Ever!

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Country Music Charts

Jakob Dylan to play The Egg on strength of new disc ‘Women + Country’
Jakob Dylan grew up in a house filled with music.
My Maria – Brooks & Dunn

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Country CDs

“Redneck Cheer” Spreads Across the Country with Floyd Tolston’s New Album and Single Release
Country singer/songwriter Floyd Tolston’s new single “Redneck Cheer (Fall Down Drunk)” launches to radio January 21, 2010.
blog! limited cd! new country! too much talking!

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Christian Verse

Christian clothing makes very good gifts. It is usually modest and can often be mentally provocative. Christian clothing makes you think. The variety of designs that are available helps assure a gift that stands out and does not look like everyone else in the room. Of course these things can also be said of clothes that are not Christian in theme, but the message also makes the clothing a special gift.

Christian clothing is a good gift first of all because the giver is saying to the recipient: “I respect you and the beliefs that are important in your life.”  The positive message on the clothes given as a gift are a great message each time the owner puts them on. Secondly, Christian clothes give an opportunity for the wearer to give a witness. In fact, Christian apparel almost compels a witness. Christian clothes also hold the wearer to a high standard and encourage a life worthy of the message on the clothes.

People like to receive Christian clothing as gifts. Jewelry and clothes that use some of the favorite Christian symbols, like the cross, the dove and the fish have strong graphic appeal while also having a universal message to share. The clothes just look good. They also have a message that is vital and current. Some students who attend private Christian schools have particular Christian themed clothing that must wear and it is helpful to receive them as gifts to help with the budget.

Christian clothes can be geared to many gift giving occasions. There are Christian clothing gifts available in sizes that fit newborn to “many” x larges. There are special niches within the Christian clothing messages and styles to suit any one’s taste. They can be edgy, challenging, or controversial. Christian clothes can have a message of peace and understanding. Most of all Christian clothes remind the wearer, the giver, and anyone who sees it, that there is a Redeemer. He died for us all.

 Christian clothes can be found that echo holiday messages for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. A Christian t-shirt that emphasizes love would of course be a great Valentine gift. Christian clothes can feature a favorite Bible verse, or provide a thought provoking idea. For the office a man’s tie or lady’s scarf with a Christian pattern or verse is suitable. Add a tie tack or lapel pin for a little bit of shine. Christian baby clothing celebrates the fact that babies represent a miracle from God. Often Christian baby clothes also remind us that all of us are human with needs and wants, like being loved and fed and cared for. There is Christian clothing that has suitable pictures, sayings and verses for newly weds, and for those who are growing older together. Christian team shirts for various competitions also make great gifts. For the patriot, there are patriotically themed Christian tee shirts, too. Flags and eagles with crosses and doves are often found on those particular items.  There is something for everyone and that is why Christian clothing makes good gifts.

If the idea of sharing God through Christian clothing interests you, check out Christian Wear at The Legacy Movement for some amazing Christian T-shirt designs to help share the Gospel with those around you.

Christian woman went crazy looooooool

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