Pop And Rock Music

Jazz music that was rooted in the blues, evolved into New Orleans, RAG time, boogie woogie, dixie and swing. Then, in the early decades of the 1940s, jazz entered be bop era. Be bop music was the outlet of the Negro protest in the United States. The atmosphere of World War II made all of society and the musicians frustrated.

Therefore, in a period of 40s, the arcing of new musical forms – one of them was jump band – occurred. Jump band itself was the form of music group that brought the band music of humor and usually contained elements of porn in the lyrics. Then, jump band music branched out into R & B and inspired the form of rock’n’roll that was also a continuation of the development of boogie woogie in the direction of pop or rock music.

In be bop jazz, the limits that were applied in swing jazz were de-emphasized. Be bop jazz was also more expressive and inclined to be more progressive. Thus, since the time, progressive jazz term emerged and jazz music entered into the modern jazz era.

The emergence of rock music and its popularity throughout the world in 1946 were the toughest rival of jazz to keep going and growing. Finally, be bop collapsed and jazz became cool, so came the cool jazz term. Cool jazz lasted from 1949 until 1951. In those days, jazz experienced transition because of pressured by the popularity of rock music.

In modern jazz era or the ’60s era, a new form of music – called as soul and funk – arose. Soul music arose from the influence of the gospel church with blues influence. Meanwhile, funk music had ‘louder than a pin prick’ meaning. It was understood associated with the worldliness because funk was more inclined to commercial.

In addition to these musical forms, there was form of music that was still loyal to the major groove of jazz, eventually called as the hard bop.

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Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment (Official Music Video) Lyrics

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Rock Music

Music is one of the best thing that we have got in our life. This is one of the best way to express your thoughts, emotions, activities and memories. Music has many forms like sad music, romantic music, rock music, fun music etc. The best music that I feel is the fun music, because a fun music will always helps to overcome from problems, sad situations and will let you to live life happily. Therefore we always have a feel of music in our life.

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Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)

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Rock Charts

‘Glee Showstoppers’ edges out Stone Temple Pilots’ comeback
“Glee: The Music – Volume 3: Showstoppers” holds on to the top spot in the Billboard 200 album charts for the second straight week, edging out the comeback album by ’90s alternative-rock band Stone Temple Pilots.  
Rock Band 2 Custom Chart: Blinded In Chains by Avenged Sevenfold

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Tv Products

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