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is it legal to have a semi automatic rifle in england? Please also give examples of weapons you may have, ty?

Semi auto’s are purley ligal within the british isls as long as there licenced of course.
When you apply for you grant, you will state which callibers and actions you wish to endors on your certificate.
Once you recive it it will have what you may purchas/accuier agreed by the issuing constabulary.
Whether that be bolt action or self loading(semi auto).
Remember semi auto is just the action .The “right” calibre is very much a matter of individual choice. One calibre is no “safer” or “more dangerous” than another. Suitability for a particular purpose is largely a matter of opinion. As long as an applicant’s choice meets any minimum requirements there are no public safety implications in the use of a larger calibre. IT IS THE CALIBRE OF THE MAN WHICH IS IMPORTANT – NOT THE CALIBRE OF THE RIFLE.

I and my grandfarther shoot together and between us we
have… 12bore wise, 3 berettas 4 aya 2 webley & scott s
1- 410, 1 biykal 1 lamba.
rifles / ruger 22/77 bolt action, cz .17hmr bolt action
cz .22 self loading, tika t3 223 bolt action.
What i will say in my oppinion, moust go for bolt actions

take a look at this site, you will come acroos what is commonley used over hear

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