Worship Music

Nothing is more full filling in life than to worship God! God is awesome, He made you! There have been so many times in your life in the past that God has lifted you up and pulled you out of hard times, and what better way to say thanks and to honor God then to learn worship guitar. Many great songs have been written and played by those who chose to learn worship guitar and their songs are enjoyed around the World today.

From the first strings you pick, to your first chords you learn to play on your guitar, every minute can be dedicated to His glory. You may be wondering, how do I start? It’s always helpful to have a friend you know or family member who plays the guitar, But if not, that’s okay. The first thing you’ll want to do is purchase a nice acoustic guitar that has a nice flat neck that isn’t bowed so when your play chords you won’t have to push on the strings so hard and still have a great sound coming from your worship guitar. The better made guitars have a nice flat neck with the strings only about 1/8 inch from the neck.

Find a guitar that’s the right size for you. Younger worship guitar players can start out with a smaller guitar that’s easier to handle and more comfortable to play. A great place you can get started is a nice music store where guitars and guitar picks, guitar straps and battery operated string tuners are available and surprisingly inexpensive. There are hundreds of instructional chord books and music lesson tapes and CD’s in music stores and on the Internet. These learning books show each chord and where to put each finger on the appropriate string for every chord you want to learn.

Be patient and practice and before you know it you’ll be singing praises to God and entertaining your friends and family too!

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Here I Am To Worship

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