Worship Song Chords

Playing Praise Guitar is an awesome way to get more connected to your church community. Guitar sounds great playing with a band or it sounds great on its own. Playing praise music passionately can connect more people to the gospel. The most important thing about playing praise guitar is to remember that the people are there to celebrate God and use music as a means to sing their praises. The band, guitar included, acts as the background to the singing.

Most praise songs are written in four/four time with a straight rock beat. If you know basic major and minor chords, you will be able to play most Praise Songs. Contemporary Praise Songs have a lot in common with the structure of a secular rock song. Many songs have three or four chords. Using common chord progressions in praise songs makes it easy for congregations to pick up the melody of the song. Practice having a strong sense of rhythm by tapping your feet and playing through chord progressions at a steady rate.

Start to Learn Praise Guitar by listening to good Christian music. Find artists that you enjoy listening to and have a guitar part you can play along with. With guitar most importantly you can learn to play by ear. Start by trying to play it by ear. You can tell major chords being played because they have a “happy” sound. Minor chords have a “sad” sound. There are many other types of chords, but start with those and you can pick up other types as you become more experienced.

To learn praise guitar you can also learn to read tablature. Tablature is a system unique to guitar music. It is a way of corresponding notes on the guitar to a written page by a line and number system. Many Christian artists have tablature songbooks published that can be learned and then played literally note for note the way the artists play them.

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Easy worship song chords – Shout to the Lord

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